Singing Bowl


Tibetan Singing Bowl is an original oil painting by Anawanitia.
The Singing Bowl, by Anawanitia

Title: Singing Bowl

Artist: Anawanitia

Medium: Oil

Size: 8 inches by 6 inches

Support: Canvas Panel

Date Completed: January 18, 2021

Not Framed

I don’t know where I read this story, it was part of my notes. I think it is a good story, and happen to have a singing bowl to paint.

There was once a Buddhist who obtained a singing bowl. The bowl gave all money to those who needed it. When a fella decided he would steal the bowl from the monk, the monk quickly grabbed the bowl and said that “the bowl is not what you seek. If you believe in yourself, you will receive all you need.” The monk then threw away the bowl into a river that took it away into the unknown.