Prof and Wonka


Prof and Wonka oil painting by Ana Petty

Title: Prof and Wonka
Artist: Ana Petty
Medium: Oil
Size: 12 inches by 9 inches
Support: Canvas Panel
Date Completed: December 1, 2023

This painting is Prof and Wonka. Part of my "Road to Pro" series of art. This is the first week! Still amateur looking, but winning energy! Prof and Wonka epitomizes the winning energy! In this picture, I was trying to portray both of their personalities as I perceive them to be. Very deep intelligence, yet fun, and living life to the fullest regardless of the yikes that get thrown at them. 

The audio is from a concert we went to in Eugene, OR. Photo reference credit on Instagram: @stophousegroup @PROFGAMPO @wonka_musick

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